COLUMBIAN  (citrus, bright, acidic)
*Medium roast, “The 10k”
*Full City roast (med/dark), “The Half 21.1”
*French roast (dark, bold), “The Full Marathon”

INDIAN MONSOONED MALABAR AA  (toasty, earthy, smooth)
*Full city roast, “The Ultra 50k”

GUATEMALAN ANTIGUA PASTORAL  (chocolate, toffee, velvety)
*Full City Roast, “Strive 520 Champion”
*Espresso blend, “Erin’s Fat ASSpresso”

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    1. Good morning Nancy,

      Apologies for the delay in returning your message. All of our coffee is $15/lb. Yes the med/dark is a Full City+ roast.

      Our best way of contact is through Email @ or Facebook and Instagram @racepacecoffeeco

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